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Agile Principle 2: Welcoming changing requirements

Eric Graves - 11/29/16 06:22 PM

Agile principle 2: Welcoming changing requirements


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Agile Principle 1: Early and Continuous Delivery of Value

Eric Graves - 11/22/16 06:21 PM

In the next three posts we discuss Agile principles and how to apply the principles in hardware development. In this post we look at delivering...

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Agile Values

Eric Graves - 11/15/16 02:26 PM

Component procurement time, component cost, and the variety of skills needed on most hardware development projects are greater and represent in...

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Setting a target launch date (project baseline) too early is a recipe for project delays

Eric Graves - 11/3/16 04:31 PM

Lean methods and Agile principles recognize that it’s almost impossible to get anything absolutely right the first time. Testing and iterating are...

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Agile Hardware Development: Agile Principles 4 - 12

Eric Graves - 11/1/16 05:25 PM

We agree. Hardware product development is different than software. So when we apply Agile principles, we need a different approach.

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Is your project behind schedule? This could be why.

Elyssa Pallai - 11/1/16 04:37 PM

At PLAYBOOK we spend a lot of time thinking about how to speed up Lean product development projects. In fact, that’s mostly what we do. We take...

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