Managing Company Holidays

Company holidays are managed using Group calendars, typically by the Playbook Administrator.

  1. In Admin, Resources belong to a Department, and the Department belongs to a Group. Company holidays are managed using the Group's calendar which are then inherited by all resources in that Group.
  2. For Company holidays, Groups are typically defined by location, in this example, US, and UK. Notice there are 'duplicate' Departments, each belonging to a different Group.
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 1 - Resources in UK and US Groups
  3. Projects can be organized in Playbook using different Groups than the groups used to control Company holidays. 
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 1b - Projects organized by Group
  4. To configure company holidays, click the Working Days tab.
    Jan 2024 - NWD - 1 - Working Days tab
  5. Click on the Calendar Filter and then select Groups.
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 2 - Select Groups in Filter
  6. Right-click on the Group Calendar where you want to create the company holidays, in this example, US, and then click Calendar Properties
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 3 - Select Calendar Properties
  7. In the Days Off / On page, click Add then enter the Name of the company holiday and the From/To dates. The company holidays are automatically inherited by all resources in the Group.
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 4 - Add Company Holidays
  8. Future company holidays can be copied and pasted from one Group to another.
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 5 - Copy Future Calendar Entries
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 6 - Paste Future Calendar Entries
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