Admin | Managing Company Holidays

Company holidays are managed using Group calendars, typically by the Playbook Administrator.

  1. In Admin, Resources belong to a Department, and the Department belongs to a Group. Company holidays are managed using the Group's calendar which are then inherited by all resources in that Group.  Click here for a refresher on Groups in Admin.
  2. For Company holidays, Groups are typically defined by location, in this example, US, and UK. Notice there are 'duplicate' Departments, each belonging to a different Group.
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 1 - Resources in UK and US Groups
  3. Projects can be organized in Playbook using different Groups than the groups used to control Company holidays. 
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 1b - Projects organized by Group
  4. To configure company holidays, click the Working Days tab.
    Jan 2024 - NWD - 1 - Working Days tab
  5. Click on the Calendar Filter and then select Groups.
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 2 - Select Groups in Filter
  6. Right-click on the Group Calendar where you want to create the company holidays, in this example, US, and then click Calendar Properties
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 3 - Select Calendar Properties
  7. In the Days Off / On page, click Add then enter the Name of the company holiday and the From/To dates. The company holidays are automatically inherited by all resources in the Group.
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 4 - Add Company Holidays
  8. Calendar entries can be copied and pasted from one Group to another.
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 5 - Copy Future Calendar Entries
    Jan 2024 - NWD Admin - 6 - Paste Future Calendar Entries
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