Admin | Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to sign in to Playbook using their corporate authentication credentials, eliminating the need to re-enter their username and password. In addition to reducing the number of credentials users have to remember, having only one set of credentials improves enterprise security.

SSO is now available to companies using Azure Active Directory (AAD).

  1. When SSO is enabled, the Playbook login page has a new button, Sign in with Microsoft.
    Nov 5, 2022 - SSO - 1 - Login Page
  2. If this is your first time using SSO to sign in to Playbook, you will need to sign in to your Microsoft account. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is also supported.
    Nov 5, 2022 - SSO - 2 - Sign in Microsoft Account
    Nov 5, 2022 - SSO - 3 - Microsoft Account Password
  3. From then on when you click Sign in with Microsoft, you will be signed into Playbook automatically.
    Nov 5, 2022 - SSO - 4 - Signed in to Playbook
  4. If you would like to set up SSO on your site, contact a Customer Success Engineer today!