Reports | Training Progress Report

Training progress of Playbook Academy course enrollments is now available at your fingertips in the Dashboard reports. 

  1. In Playbook, click Dashboard to access the reports, then click the Training Progress Report (TPR).
    Nov 5, 2022 - Training Progress Report (TPR) - 1
  2. Use Settings to customize the report to your liking, then be sure to save a copy so you don't have to repeat this step next time.
    Nov 5, 2022 - Training Progress Report (TPR) - 2
  3. Department = Name of the department the user is assigned to in Playbook
    Full Name = First Name Last Name as specified in Playbook
    Course Name = Name of the courses the user is enrolled in (admins manage)
    Training Status = Status of the user's enrollment: Active, Completed, Expired, Completed & Expired
    Activated = Date the user was enrolled
    Started = Date the user first accessed the course 
    Updated = Date of the user's last activity or changes made by an admin (e.g. expiration date)
    Completed = Date the user reached 100% completion
    Expires = Date the user's access to the course will be revoked (admins manage)
    Days Remaining = Number of days remaining till the course expires (admins manage)
  4. Need a hand setting up your customized Training Progress Report? Contact a Customer Success Engineer today!