Playbook | Buffer Chart Enhancements

  1. You can now configure a Buffer Chart to plot all direct predecessors of the Tracking Milestone within the last 'X' number of weeks.
  2. Typically, only the Tracking Milestone is plotted on the Buffer Chart, in this example Project Complete.
    Feb 2024 - Buffer Enhancements - Typically Track only Major Milestone - 1
  3. Now, in Buffer Properties, you can specify the option on the Tracked Milestones page to Show direct predecessors within 'X' weeks.
    Feb 2024 - Buffer Enhancements - Track Direct Preds within X Weeks - 2
  4. In this example, six tasks are immediate predecessors within four weeks of the Project Complete milestone.
    Feb 2024 - Buffer Enhancements - Direct Preds within 4 Weeks of Project Complete Milestone - 3
  5. All six tasks are now plotted on the Buffer Chart giving you better visibility to the specific activities that are driving buffer consumption and how they are changing over time. Note: In the legend, you can click on labels to turn on/off individual plots.
    Feb 2024 - Buffer Enhancements - Buffer Chart with Direct Predecessors - 4
  6. Now, there is a Preferences menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the Buffer Chart. 
    1. Hide Tooltips - removes the hover-over tooltips when moving the cursor over the plot points.
    2. Hide Warning Score Value - removes the Warning Score value from the chart but leaves the colored box.
      Feb 2024 - Buffer Enhancements - Buffer Chart Preferences - 5
  7. The Warning Score label can be renamed, for example, Plan Confidence. It is a site-wide setting. If you would like to change the name of this label, please contact a Customer Success Engineer.
    Feb 2024 - Buffer Enhancements - Change Warning Score Label - 6