Playbook | Ease of Use Enhancements

Insert Task

A new task can quickly and easily be inserted between two existing tasks.

  1. Highlight a link by hovering over it, then right-click, then click Insert Task.
    Jan 2023 - Insert Task - 1
  2. Enter the new task's title, assign a resource, and estimate its duration and hours of effort (Work). The predecessor and successor links are automatically assigned.
    Jan 2023 - Insert Task - 2
  3. The new task is inserted just below the predecessor (not just above the successor).
    Jan 2023 - Insert Task - 3

Delete Link

Links can quickly and easily be deleted by clicking on the link itself.

  1. Highlight a link by hovering over it. From/To information is displayed.
    Jan 2023 - Delete Link - 1
  2. Right-click then click Delete Link.
    Jan 2023 - Delete Link - 2

Find/Replace Text

Text in Task Titles and/or Descriptions can quickly and easily be replaced for one or more tasks.

  1. Select one or more tasks, then right-click, and click More > Replace TextJan 2023 - Replace Text - 1
  2. Enter the Text to Replace and the text to Replace with. In this example, the text backpanel is being replaced with the text auxiliary. Note: replacing text is not case-sensitive.
    Jan 2023 - Replace Text - 2
  3. The Scope can be set to either Selected tasks or This project.
    Jan 2023 - Replace Text - 3
  4. Coming soon - in a week or two you'll have a Find/Replace icon.Jan 2023 - Replace Text - 4

Copy/Paste Variable Text

Variable text is automatically recognized during the Copy/Paste operation.

  1. Variable text is defined as any text between a less than and a greater than sign (<variable text>).
  2. In this example, <Part Name> and <P#> are both defined as variable text.
    Jan 2023 - Variable Text - 1
  3. During a Copy/Paste operation, <Part Name> and <P#> are pre-populated in the Replace Text portion of the Copy/Paste window.
    Jan 2023 - Variable Text - 2
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