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  1. Slack calculations are substantially faster therefore overall performance is greatly improved especially for large projects.

Date Range Filter

  1. Now you can filter the Game Plan using a date range. Perfect for Rolling Wave Planning meetings and to focus day-to-day on near-term activities.
    Feb 2023 - Playbook - Date Range filter
  2. The start and end dates of the specified date range are visible in the plan.
    Feb 2023 - Playbook - Date Range Extents

Predecessor/Successor Filters

  1. You can now filter the Game Plan to show a task's immediate predecessor, successor, or both.
    Feb 2023 - Playbook - One step predecessor, successor filter
  2. Predecessor - One
    Feb 2023 - Playbook - Predecessor - One filter
  3. Successor - One
    Feb 2023 - Playbook - Successor - One filter
  4. Both directions - One
    Feb 2023 - Playbook - Both directions - One filter
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