Playbook | Resource Links

  1. You can now create Resource Links in addition to Regular Links. 
  2. Resource Links can be used to sequence tasks assigned to the same resource to show that they will take longer because the assigned resource can only perform one task at a time.
  3. Resource Links are represented with dashed dependency lines instead of the solid ones used for Regular Links.
  4. There are two ways to create a Resource Link.
    1. Right-click on a Regular Link and toggle it to a Resource Link. A Resource Link can also be toggled into a Regular Link.
      May 2023 - Resource Link - Toggle - 1
    2. On the Links page in Task Properties.
      May 2023 - Resource Link - Toggle - 2
  5. When a task has a predecessor using a Regular Link, it is only considered queued (actionable) after the predecessor has been marked complete.
    1. In this example, Bob is assigned to Design Prototype PCBA: Pwr Board and Design Prototype Backpanel PCBA. Since the link is a Regular Link, Design Prototype Backpanel PCBA is not queued in Bob's backlog.
      May 2023 - Regular Link - No Queue dot - 3
    2. However, by contrast, when a task has a predecessor using a Resource Link, it is considered queued (actionable) because it could be started if someone else is available.
      May 2023 - Resource Link - Queue dot - 4