Playbook | Auto & Prompt-to Save Preferences, Feedback Submissions

  1. Auto & Prompt-to Save Preferences
    In an effort to ensure your changes are always saved, once a week Playbook now checks to see if you have the Auto and/or Prompt-to Save options enabled. If not, you will receive an email notification.
    1. Reasons to use Auto or Prompt-to Save include...
      • Avoid lost changes due to things that are mostly outside of our, Accuer's, control.
        • Your battery dies and your computer doesn’t go to sleep gracefully.
        • “Blue Screens of Death” or other computer crashes or browser issues.
        • Automatic windows updates or other IT rollouts that run in the middle of the night and reboot your computer.
        • Browser extensions which circumvent normal Playbook functions (Malwarebytes, Grammarly, etc.) that can cause your browser to hang or not warning you that you have unsaved changes when you close your browser.
      • Avoid lost changes due to things inside our control, Accuer's, but which we have not yet seen, reproduced, or fixed.
        • Hangs / Crashes
        • They are very rare and we address them as top priority, but software is software and there may be issues once in a while.
      • Make sure others have the latest data when they load the project from the server.
        • For example, if you work for 30+ minutes and then save, people who loaded the project just before you save don’t get to see any of your changes which might cause a conflicting change.
    2. If you need a hand enabling Auto and/or Prompt-to Save, contact Technical Support.
  2. Feedback Submissions
    • Faster
    • More reliable