Reports | Embedded Buffer Charts

Playbook Enhancements

  1. Coming Soon! Buffer Charts are now embedded within Playbook.
    1. Since all the buffer attributes are defined in the buffer task, all you have to do to show a buffer chart is right-click on a buffer, then click Show Chart.
      RN June 8 2022 - 1
    2. A separate window then appears with the latest and greatest buffer chart. Impact Reasons are displayed, if any, when hovering over the plot points on the chart. 
      RN June 8 2022 - 2
    3. Impact Reasons are still defined in the Tracking Milestone's description using the format...
      date1 space reason1
      date2 space reason2
      for example...
      5/30/22 Supplier delivery date greater than forecast. 
      6/8/22 Joseph unavailable for the week as he was needed for production issues.