Admin | Send Invitation, See Training Status, Export Resource List by Project

Administration Enhancements

  1. When creating a new resource,  check ‘Send Invitation’ to send the new resource an email to the email address provided with a link to a page to set their password. This is much more secure and simpler to administrate. After the new user has been created, the resource's password could be reset by checking 'Send Invitation', sending them a new link to the set password page.
    RN May 31 2022 - 1
    Below is an example of the automated email that is sent to the new resource. The email address of the administrator who created the new resource is shown automatically in the sentence, "If you have questions, please contact... or reply to this email.".
    RN May 31 2022 - 2
  2. Training enrollments on Playbook Academy or visible in a Resource's profile. The status is updated once every hour.

  3. Administrators can export a list of resources assigned to a project to a .csv file.
    RN May 31 2022 - Export list of resources assigned to a project