Playbook Lean Project Management Methods (Video)


software-banner-big-img1.pngIf you are managing hardware, software, or even complex IT projects and would like to improve your team’s performance, this on-demand, one-hour webinar demonstration of Playbook Lean project management software and methodology is designed for you...

You will see a demonstration of Playbook Lean project management software that supports theses principles and learn:

  • Why pull systems maximize throughput and empower teams;
  • Why prioritizing tasks across the enterprise is critical to project success;
  • How maintaining a 70% utilization rate increases quality, speed and improves morale;
  • How early learning maximizes innovation;
  • Why holding daily stand-up meetings increases communication, enables faster feedback and reduces risk;
  • How adopting a decentralized planning, ownership and management model empowers teams and delivers realistic plans; and,
  • Why shared project buffers decrease the tendency to over-estimate, improving the accuracy of plans, and accountability.

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