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Projects | Purpose

  • Playbook Projects are used to organize project plans, typically, one project plan per Playbook Project.
  • Projects are used to determine who can be assigned tasks on a project. Only the resources and users assigned to a Project can be assigned a task on the project. Note: a user does not need to be assigned to a Project in order to see it, only to be assigned tasks.
  • Control project visibility in addition to Group-level visibility settings

Projects | Interface

Projects page
Admin - Projects - 1 - Overview of Main Screen

  • Project Name = name of the project as it will look in Playbook
  • Action icons = See details...
    • Person icon = assign resources to the project (Note: only assigned resources can be assigned tasks)
    • Pencil icon = edit the project's attributes
    • Trash can icon = delete the project and all of its data. Note: once a project is deleted, it cannot be undone.
  • Owner = Project Leader
  • Lifecycle = a project can be in one of six states. See details... 
    • Sandbox = In planning
    • Planned = Planned but not yet active
    • Active = In execution
    • Completed = Completed
    • Archived = Archived
    • On Hold = On Hold
  • Type = A project can be one of three types.  See details... 
    • Normal = most (typical) projects
    • Templates = template/library projects
    • Miscellaneous Other = neither a Normal or Template project
  • Priority = determines the sort order of projects in Playbook. Projects with the same priority are sorted alphanumerically. Note: only integers are allowed.
  • Group = name of the Group the project is in. A project can only be in one group.
  • Restricted = Is the project's visibility restricted? If yes, only people assigned to a restricted project can see it. 
  • Description = additional information about the project
  • Created By = admin who created the project
  • Created On = date the project was created
  • Project ID = internal ID of the project (can be used as an input for an API call - multiple IDs can be entered in a comma delimited list).

Projects | Creating

  • To create a project, click Add...
    Admin - Projects - 2 - Add a Project

Projects | Assigning Resources/Users (People icon)

Admin - Projects - 3 - Assigning Resources

  • In Playbook... Only the resources & users assigned to a project can be assigned a task on that project, however, people can see a project without being assigned to it, so they don't need to be assigned to a project in order to see it (typical for managers etc.).

Admin - Projects - 4 - Assigned resources in Playbook

Projects | Unassigning Resources/Users (People icon)

  • To unassign a resource from a project to ensure someone can no longer be assigned a task, uncheck On Project.
    Admin - Projects - 5 - Unassigned resources in Playbook
  • In Playbook, Bob is no longer on the Resource drop-down menu.Admin - Projects - 6 - Unassigned resources in Playbook

Projects | Project-level Visibility Control

  • The 1st level of visibility control is at the Group level (see Groups for details). The 2nd level of visibility control is at the Project level.
  • The visibility of the project can be restricted such that only those resources & users assigned to the project can see it. This is typically reserved for "for your eyes only" or "Skunk Works" type projects.
    Admin - Projects - 7 - Project-level visibility control
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