Overview of the Playbook Admin page

  1. To sign in to the Playbook Admin page...
    1. If you have administrative privileges, you will see an Admin button in the top menu in Playbook.
    2. If you don't see the Admin button, contact a Playbook Admin to give you administrative privileges.
    Admin - Overview - 1 - Admin button in Playbook
  2. On the admin page, you will see four tabs: Groups, Projects, Departments, and Resources and Users.
    1. Groups - the highest level 'folder' used to organize projects with the option to limit visibility
    2. Projects - the 'folders' where project plans are stored
    3. Departments - groups of resources (not necessarily the official department)
    4. Resources and Users - where Playbook accounts are managed  - typically people, but not always.

Admin - Overview - 2 - Four Tabs