Admin | Role-based Training Courses

Training courses, required and optional, are now based on the user's role as designated by the Admin. Click here for a description of the new courses (version 3.2).

  1. Now, only one Role marked with an asterisk (*) can be selected. Select the one that best describes the user's role in Playbook. You can still select additional roles that aren't marked with an asterisk, e.g., Admin, Reports Admin, etc.
    Feb 2023 - Admin - Std Training - Roles
  2. The Internal Read Only role is new and can be used to distinguish Read-Only users from "Casual" users from Core Team Members. The Write Permissions setting, Read/Write or Read Only, is still independent of the role selected.
  3. The designated Role determines the user's required and optional training courses. In this example, the user is assigned the role of Casual Team Member, therefore the user's required training is (Level 2) Playbook for Casual Team Members.
  4. Optional courses, should the user desire to advance to a higher Playbook Role (level) are listed below the required course. These courses are incremental in nature, so if a user wants to jump to a level higher than the next highest level, e.g., level 2⭢4, they need to complete the 'Advance to" courses in order, i.e. Level 2⭢3 then Level 3⭢4.
              (Level 2⭢3) Advance to Core Team Member
              (Level 3⭢4) Advance to Summary Owner

              (Level 4⭢5) Advance to Project Leader
    Feb 2023 - Admin - Std Training - Courses by Role
  5. Watch this video for an overview of the Playbook Roles & Responsibilities.
  6. All completed, obsoleted courses are listed below the new version 3.2 courses (i.e., Fundamentals of Playbook - Fast Track, Playbook for Power UsersFundamentals of Buffers, etc.)
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