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Looking to improve your product development success rate?

This is Part 2 of our four part series on Lean project management: Push vs. Pull, how to ensure you are working on the correct priorities and the benefit of project buffers vs. task buffers.

In part you will learn about Lean principles, processes and tools that will truly transform your product development system including:

  • Visibility and manageability of resource queues
  • Effective management of resource utilization
  • Pull vs. push in work management
  • Reduced information flow
  • Batch sizes and faster feedback
  • Clear, correct priorities across projects
  • Shared project buffers
  • Decentralized project planning and management
  • Proactive learning management

If you have not viewed Part 1 you can access it below.

Part 1 - Lean Project Management: Queues, Availability and Resource Utilization