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Late to market costs companies millions

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Why are you late to market? 

Hint: Project drift.

You want to create world-changing products. We help you do it on time, every time.

Playbook is Lean Agile project management software built for the unique needs of hardware teams. It creates unprecedented visibility and communication. When project information is visible, it's actionable and predictable so you can innovate and launch on time, every time. How cool is that?


Clear and correct priorities

What’s the number one cause of project delays? It may surprise you. The number one cause of project delay is accumulated daily slips which occur when the team isn't working on critical tasks.  On the other hand, teams with clear and correct priorities across the company’s project portfolio–from CEO to Team Member–will ensure delivering on time and on budget is your worst-case scenario.

Ability to respond to changes

Would you buy a GPS tool that didn't show you the road hazards ahead? Of course not. So why shouldn't your project management tool do the same? With Playbook, the long and short-term impact of change is instantly visible. With complete information on hand, the team can effectively scenario plan and respond to change.

Unprecedented visibility to all project information

All project information is visible and updated in real-time. With complete transparency afforded by live project data, the team can clearly see what needs to get done today. The team, project management and management assume greater control and become emboldened participants in project delivery.

Empowered teams change the world

When everyone has correct priorities and all of the work is visible, amazing things start to happen. Communication increases. Trust develops. Team members hold each other accountable. Morale increases. And teams finally get back to doing what they’ve always dreamed of – creating world-changing products.

With Playbook, the work is visible, and therefore actionable. Teams hold themselves accountable and innovation becomes predictable.

Great teams deserve great tools.

Knowledge Center

Guide to Lean Product Development

You've heard Lean is the best approach to speed up
product development delivery times
but don’t know where to start. Read this complete guide to Lean product development.

Calculating the Cost of Delay

Striking the perfect balance between scope, schedule, and cost is a difficult challenge without the right information at your fingertips. Learn how to calculate the impact of delaying launch on profit and develop a project economic model.

Applying Agile to Hardware Development

Learn how to take the best from Agile and apply it to hardware development. This guide shows you what principles work, which ones don't and recommends a proven hybrid approach.


85% Reduction in time to market
How do you maximize a team of exceptionally skilled people to deliver the best possible product under a highly constrained time frame...? "…Unified Lean project management method and tool is multidisciplinary communication synchronized at high-speed. Simply amazing."
28 Projects in 9 Months

ConMed attributed their success to the ability to visualize dependencies within the projects and interdependencies across projects, which were made possible by Playbook. 

ConMed has taken Lean product development initiatives to an unprecedented level of efficiency.

Major Milestone Achieved
Early recognition of what needed to get done and efficient handoffs between team members ensured Milwaukee Valve met and exceeded its first major milestones. "Project team members told me point blank that we would not have done this had we not had Strategy 2 Market and Playbook help us organize and launch these activities that we put in place."

Unprecedented Client Support

This is what you can expect from Playbook. Think of us as a services company, with software that supports Lean and Agile product development. A proven method--delivering unprecedented results. Our goal: To ensure our customers are delivering products to market at the speed of flow.
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