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Pricing for 0 to 50 Users

Free User


All functionality

Less than 3% of their work time is contained in Playbook tasks.

Usually senior managers that mostly look at plans and reports and don’t get assigned many project tasks.

Light User


All functionality

3% - 10% of their work time is contained in Playbook tasks.

Usually extended team members and sometimes the project managers.

Standard User


All functionality

10% or more of their work time is contained in Playbook tasks.

Usually core team members that are doing most of the work on a project.

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Typical License Mix

The breakdown of Standard, Light, and Free Users varies with each company. For example, it’s possible to have 100% Standard Licenses, or more than 50% Light Users. We will determine your use case during your Free Trial.

If you need help getting budget approval, we have a payback analysis template that you can use to show an estimated ROI. 

Because Playbook really does shorten projects, it's common to see a payback of 20 to 200 times the cost.

Yes, Playbook literally pays for itself within a few days, or weeks at most.

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Fully Supported Onboarding

Playbook is more than just software. It’s a paradigm shift in how teams execute complex projects. Teams that are already using Lean and Agile methods can adopt Playbook with relatively little training. But if Lean and Agile methods are new at your company, a Playbook implementation might require a cultural shift in how teams execute. But don’t worry, we’ve been helping people adopt new methods and tools for over 20 years. When was the last time you bought software that came with implementation services?

Free Trial

All of the training, coaching and support is free during the Free Trial. (Of course!) We will train a group of 4-5 people (a small team, or subset of a large one) and help them plan and execute one of your small projects, or a portion of a large one.

This includes…
  • Online video training on the Playbook Methods (Lean, Agile and Critical Chain)
  • Live coaching:
    • Decentralized Planning
    • Standup Meetings
    • Task Updates
    • Shared Buffers
    • Rolling Wave Planning
    • Zero-Touch Reports
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Pilot Implementation

Once you’ve seen Playbook work in your environment and are ready to move forward, we will repeat the same training process, but for a larger groups of up to 15 people at a time. We will also identify and train the process owners.

But just because on-boarding is required, that doesn’t mean the costs are…!

Any license purchase of $9,000 or more will receive discounted services for that team.

“The fact that the team was up and running in two weeks with Playbook was phenomenal and speaks well of the company and the product.” 

- Robert Pendergrass, Product Realization Team Builder, SensorLink


Can I pay monthly?

Not currently. Most of our clients have long projects that last a year or more, so monthly billing doesn’t make sense. Also, by billing for annual licenses, it allows us to discount the implementation fees when we’re helping a team get ramped up.

How do I get started with Playbook?

Ready to go Lean? If you just want to poke around under the covers, request a login or watch this demonstration video. If you are ready to immerse your team in Lean and Agile, it’s very easy and risk free to try Playbook. 

This outline shows the steps we follow to get a team up and running. If you do it as a Free Trial, we normally work with 4-5 people from one project and help them plan to a near term milestone. 

The Trial is 30 days, but you will know by the end of the first or second week if it’s going to work or not. The only “down time” for the team members is the initial 6 hours of training shown on the first two days. The rest of the time we’re helping the team move the project along so you’re actually making additional progress during the trial.

Can you import my existing project plan(s)?

Yes, we can import project plans from most of the popular planning tools.

What is Lean and Agile project management?

We’ve created an easy guide to introduce you to Lean and Agile product development and project management.

Can we host Playbook on our internal servers?

Yes, we do offer a local hosting option. However, Playbook is hosted on the Azure cloud and is served from multiple locations around the globe. So security and speed are top priorities. 

Set up a call to discuss what works best for you.

How does Playbook compare to other project management products?

Most project management tools are based on methods that were developed over sixty years ago when projects had a lot less uncertainty, and a lot less complexity. Playbook was designed to facilitate a set of methods and principles from Lean, Agile, and Theory of Constraints. These ensure the projects are not only predictable, they also allow you to respond to necessary changes and keep everyone well informed along the way. It's not uncommon for teams to finish their projects before their planned end dates without the typical herculean effort at the end. 

What types of projects is Playbook designed for?

Playbook is specifically designed to solve the unique problems that hardware development teams face. It’s based on Lean, Agile and TOC principles and methods. Teams that use Playbook are trained not just on the software, but on principles and methods that work to make projects move at the speed of flow.

What type of service can I expect after launch?

Playbook was a consulting company long before we developed software. So providing great service is deeply ingrained in our culture. And working closely with our existing customers is how we learn about new problems to solve. But don't take our word for it, here is what our customers have to say.

Does Playbook offer Lean and Agile project management training?

Yes we do. We offer face-to-face and online options for you and your team.  Reach out and we can discuss the approach that is best for you. Alternatively, sign up for free courses in Lean and Agile at Playbook Academy.

What kind of reports are available with Playbook?

Because Playbook records everything that happens to a task, the reporting capabilities are beyond what most people have seen before. We also create custom reports to meet your exact needs. Watch the fourth chapter of the demo to learn more about the advanced reporting capabilities.

Can I see a demonstration of Playbook?

Yes, you can watch the recorded demo here.

Alternatively, you can email us to set up a live demo where we can answer your questions along the way and explore even more of the functionality.

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