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Remember when a career in product development sounded like a dream job? 

You would get to work on cool things and see them become real products? Maybe even change the world?

We remember that too. But then we got our first jobs, and reality hit. Creating cool products was a ton of work. And it took forever.

Why couldn’t it be easier?

We knew it could be, so we took it upon ourselves to fix it.  That was almost two decades ago.  Along the way we’ve met a bunch of great people, made a lot of friends, and learned from our successes and failures.

But over time, a few lessons became clear.

If teams have the right information, they will hold themselves accountable.  And if collaboration is barrier free, innovation will become predictable.  And fun again.

So, we developed Playbook.

What Our Clients Say

"We took what is typically a 6-to-9 month timeframe for designing, building and launching high-powered custom transformers down to 5 weeks. Simply amazing." CTO, Grid Solutions Company
"The fact that the team was up and running in two weeks with Playbook was phenomenal and speaks well of the company and the product." Robert Pendergrass, Product Realization Team Builder, SensorLink
"Playbook is by far the most comprehensive solution for agile hardware development." Lean Product Development Lead, Medical Device Company
"It's very creative and almost spiritual in a way, right? The idea of taking an idea, taking something that didn't exist, and helping nurture it into existence. Playbook lets us focus on what we love to do...create great products." Director of R&D, Medical Devices

Meet the Founders

Paul DeLong
VP Customer Success

Paul’s early experiences as a mechanical engineer developing national defense weapons for Lockheed Missiles and Space led him to question existing product development methods. Customer success is what drives Paul, and according to Playbook's clients, his quick wit is the best part of Playbook training.

Eric Graves
VP Technology

Aerospace and mechanical engineer turned NPD systems engineer, Eric leads the team of developers to enhance and evolve Playbook. Eric’s intellectual pursuit is taking the best of Lean, Agile, and Theory of Constraints and adapting them to increase project velocity, product quality, creative innovation, and happy new product development teams.

David Paulson

By the end of his first day as a mechanical engineer, David realized he liked fixing process problems more than working on the design problems. So five years later when he had finished overhauling the engineering tools and processes there, he decided it would be fun to venture out and improve the work environments at other companies. At Playbook, David continues to inspire the team to look for ways to improve the value, simplicity and impact of their solutions.

Not Just Software - A New Approach

Playbook is more than just software, it’s a new approach to project management that takes the best of Lean, Agile and Theory of Constraints to create a hybrid method that works for hardware teams. And don’t worry, we have the know-how and training tools to get you and your team up and running regardless of you experience level with these methods. Our training goes beyond teaching you a new software tool. You and your team will master Lean and Agile project management techniques that transform your approach to product development.

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