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Milestone Buffer Chart: The Most Important Report You've Never Heard Of

David Paulson - 02/14/24 04:31 AM

In previous posts I’ve written about reports that are meaningless, misleading, and even damaging. (Yes, the last one actually causes your projects to...

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Burndown Charts Don't Work for Hardware

David Paulson - 01/30/24 03:19 AM

In a previous blog post I explained (and hopefully convinced you) that measuring “percent complete” literally causes your projects to take longer.

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Resource Loading - How a Small Error Can Double Your Schedule!😧

David Paulson - 01/6/24 11:23 PM

Would you believe that a 10% increase in the workload on your teams could double the length of a project? 

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Your Favorite Report is Delaying Your Project

David Paulson - 12/6/23 03:15 AM

Most companies are trying hard to achieve predictable end dates.

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Stop the Evil and Nefarious Multitasking!

David Paulson - 11/14/23 09:28 PM

Not that long ago multitasking used to be considered a valuable skill. Thankfully that belief has been proven wrong, but for some reason a lot of...

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Predictable End Dates - One Company's Journey

David Paulson - 10/19/23 01:01 AM

One of the most difficult things about making process improvements is knowing where to start. Doing the wrong thing is a waste of time and money, and...

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How to calculate risk exposure - free risk exposure calculator

Eric Graves - 07/5/23 07:00 AM

In general, companies can take two approaches to calculating risk exposure, a quantitative approach and a qualitative one. There are pluses and...

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Resource loading vs. resource leveling and how to calculate it

Eric Graves - 06/5/23 03:10 PM

Resource loading is a critical project metric. Get it wrong and you could inadvertently commit to a seriously unrealistic project launch date....

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WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) and how to calculate it

Eric Graves - 05/5/23 06:53 PM

In life, sometimes it just seems easier to continue doing things the way we are used to instead of seeking new approaches that may cause the...

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10 tips for running a daily standup meeting

Paul DeLong - 04/5/23 07:06 PM

Running a daily standup meeting seems pretty simple right? After all it’s just another meeting. Well not really. The daily stand-up process is...

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Cost of delay: how to calculate it

Eric Graves - 03/5/23 04:13 PM

Here is a simple formula for quickly estimating Cost of Delay: the profit lost per-month of delay.

Total COD = Lost Month Cost + Peak Reduction Cost.

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Applying agile to hardware development (part 1)

Eric Graves - 02/5/23 06:00 PM

Agile development

Yes, Agile principles can be applied with benefit in hardware product development (Agile hardware development). However, Agile's...

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Agile principle 1: early and continuous delivery of value

Eric Graves - 01/5/23 06:21 PM

In the next three posts we discuss Agile principles and how to apply the principles in hardware development. In this post we look at delivering...

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8 Types of risk and risk management investment

Eric Graves - 12/5/22 08:57 PM

8 Types of risk 

In order to examine risk exposure and uncertainty in greater detail, let's look at the different types of risks --uncertain events...

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Risk drivers and 5 whys

Eric Graves - 11/5/22 09:58 PM

We begin the analysis phase and look at risk drivers and the 5 Whys technique - a simple and powerful technique for discovering the root of the...

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Agile principle 2: welcoming changing requirements

Eric Graves - 10/5/22 05:22 PM

Agile principle 2: Welcome changing requirements, even late in development.

Software and hardware product development teams share important...

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Project Reporting

Elyssa Pallai - 12/2/21 07:50 PM

Project reporting that matters

Can you answer the question, did your project slip yesterday? If so, do you know why? What about knowing the status of...

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Does Your Project Management Software Deliver Zero-Touch, Real-Time Project Status Reporting?

David Paulson - 06/24/21 12:30 PM

Are you on track to hit your next project milestone?

Most project teams hold status meetings once every two weeks. But have you ever considered that...

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The Project Management Report You Can't Live Without

Elyssa Pallai - 05/18/21 12:00 PM

Tired of useless project management metrics? Good metrics mean better project outcomes. However, standard project reporting templates don’t provide...

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Project Management: Do you know what the dark matter is in your project plan?

Elyssa Pallai - 04/15/21 03:03 PM

In 1925, Hubble was the first astronomer to prove that the universe was expanding. The reason for the expansion, Hubble explained, was dark matter....

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You’ve Implemented Agile Project Management Software. So Why Are You Still Late?

Elyssa Pallai - 11/5/20 12:00 PM

Hardware development companies that have moved from manual project boards and sticky notes to Agile project management software or electronic Kanban...

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Playbook Academy: Free Lean Agile Training

Paul DeLong - 08/20/20 12:00 PM

At Playbook, our purpose is to ensure that you reach your goal of being on-time. In fact, Playbook Methods and our supporting software have been...

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The Importance of Resource Loading Explained

David Paulson - 06/25/20 11:30 AM

Resource Loading

Here is an easy quiz.

Two teams are going to race on the same project. One team planned their work for 90% loading (36 hours per...

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Smart Wires Recognized as Top 3 Most Important Innovations of the Decade

Elyssa Pallai - 06/2/20 11:45 AM

In a time beset by challenges, it’s important to celebrate successes. This week Smart Wires, a Playbook customer that has gone from win to win, was...

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Lean Agile Project Management Case Study

David Paulson - 05/28/20 02:30 PM

Recently, we had the fortunate opportunity to talk to our second Playbook customer about the successful completion of their large and complex...

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How to Enable Remote Lean and Agile Teams

Paul DeLong - 03/27/20 11:00 AM

As engineers, we are adaptable by nature. We solve problems — that’s our job! And as we adapt to the new normal, we are all adopting new online tools...

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14 Tips for Working Remotely

Paul DeLong - 03/14/20 12:00 PM

At Playbook we’ve been working remotely since day one. But for some teams and team members--working remotely is uncharted waters.

So, we've put...

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Lean Agile Assessment

David Paulson - 10/24/19 02:28 PM

Having a working knowledge of the core principles of Lean Agile product development is critical to your project's success. For example, do you know...

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Product Development and Golf: An Analogy for Success

Eric Graves - 10/17/19 02:59 PM

Golf. It’s a wonder anyone ever keeps playing. Sure, the greens are often in captivatingly beautiful locations. The views, fresh air and time with...

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How to Implement Rolling Wave Planning

Paul DeLong - 09/19/19 12:00 PM

A couple of weeks ago we discussed Rolling Wave Planning, what it is, and what the benefits are. This week we are going to discuss how to implement...

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Rolling Wave Planning - A Step-by-Step Guide

Paul DeLong - 08/15/19 11:50 AM

If you want your product development projects to run smoothly, you need to have a regular cadence for long-term planning, short-term planning, and...

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6 Tips for Implementing Critical Chain Project Management

Elyssa Pallai - 08/8/19 11:30 AM

Accelerating product delivery has a direct impact on the profitability of your business. And because our number one raison d'etre is to get you to...

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Get Lean and Agile for Free

Elyssa Pallai - 07/11/19 01:02 PM

A couple of weeks ago we shared some Lean and Agile case studies that demonstrated how the benefits of implementing Playbook methods and tools far...

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Agile Case Studies

Elyssa Pallai - 06/27/19 12:06 PM

Finding your way through the sea of information about what differentiates project management and collaboration tools can be daunting. Which tool is...

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Six Lean Methods for Accelerating Projects

David Paulson - 06/6/19 12:30 PM

A fundamental principle of Lean is smooth, continuous flow. Turbulence is caused any time that the flow of work is interrupted by something in its...

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Lean Management

Elyssa Pallai - 05/21/19 03:21 PM

It's always a good thing to remind ourselves of the basics -- efficient development processes come from the foundation of Lean management!

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3 Tips for Implementing Agile

Elyssa Pallai - 05/14/19 02:12 PM

Hardware product development is different than software. Both types of products go through a build-test-learn cycle, but the most obvious difference...

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Lean Project Management Training

Elyssa Pallai - 04/25/19 12:00 PM

Getting your team up to speed on Lean? We have a number of free resources to support you, including a downloadable guide to Lean Project Management...

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Six Steps to Visual Work Management and Self-Empowered Teams

David Paulson - 04/12/19 11:40 AM

Self-empowered teams is a common goal for many companies. But most of the people we talk to feel it’s only a dream, or requires too much work to...

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10 Planning Mistakes Project Teams Make

Elyssa Pallai - 03/22/19 12:01 PM

10 Planning Mistakes Project Teams Make

Product development is hard, but with the right short and long-term planning in place, launching ahead of...

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Why Kanban Boards Alone Don't Cut it in Lean Project Management

Elyssa Pallai - 03/14/19 03:26 PM

Kanban and Lean Project Management

Have you seen The Martian? In this movie, Matt Damon is an astronaut stranded on Mars. He wants to get home, but...

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Risk Mitigation Strategy (Part 2)

Eric Graves - 03/12/19 10:05 PM

What is a risk mitigation strategy?

Mitigating a risk essentially means deliberately doing something to reduce risk exposure - to burn down the...

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7 Tips for Profitable Resource Management

Elyssa Pallai - 03/7/19 04:00 PM

Managing resources effectively is one of the primary problems confronting project teams. As projects change quickly and required skill sets are...

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7 Lean Principles of Lean Project Management

Elyssa Pallai - 03/6/19 06:26 PM

Projects are late one day at a time. So, ask yourself, do you and your team know the number one priority for today? Why does speed matter? Because...

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4 Lean Product Development Trends Worth Watching

Elyssa Pallai - 03/6/19 06:18 PM

You pretty much have to have your head in the sand not to notice the changes in hardware product design innovation and new product development that...

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Lean vs Agile vs Waterfall

Elyssa Pallai - 03/5/19 06:00 PM

Lean vs. Agile vs. Waterfall Project Management

In a previous post we discussed that there is no doubt project management methods have evolved and...

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Lean Case Study: Milwaukee Valve

Elyssa Pallai - 03/5/19 05:30 PM

Milwaukee Valve won big implementing Playbook software and Lean project management. This Lean case study demonstrates how Lean transformation can...

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Critical Chain Project Management

Paul DeLong - 02/28/19 10:38 PM

Recently we’ve had a number of questions regarding the management of critical resources across multiple projects. Here are some tips for ensuring...

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Daily Standup

Paul DeLong - 02/28/19 04:54 PM

A daily standup meeting or scrum meeting is a daily 15-min long meeting where each person spends a few minutes preparing, a few minutes discussing...

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Best Books on Lean, Agile and Theory of Constraints

Elyssa Pallai - 02/28/19 03:35 PM

Here is our combined list of the three topic areas. More details are below.

  • Managing the Design Factory, by Donald G. Reinertsen
  • The Principles of...
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Risk Management Process

Eric Graves - 02/26/19 09:00 PM

Risk management has four steps. It is cyclical, and each risk, issue, question, and opportunity is put through the process as quickly as possible....

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Shared Project Buffers

Paul DeLong - 02/25/19 01:15 PM

What is a shared project buffer?

To accommodate for the uncertainty in the work estimates and the resource’s availability to do the work, the...

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Effective Task management

Eric Graves - 02/20/19 12:15 PM

A lot has been said over the last several years about the fallacy of increased productivity when a person multitasks. Lean, Agile, and the Theory of...

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Risk identification and risk capture

Eric Graves - 02/19/19 08:35 PM

The first step in risk management is identifying risks and capturing them in a risk management spreadsheet. In risk identification and capture teams...

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Decentralized Project Management

Paul DeLong - 02/19/19 05:37 PM

This is the ninth part in our in-depth series on Lean Agile project management.

We've covered a variety of Lean principles that have a direct impact...

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Risk Mitigation Strategy

Eric Graves - 02/19/19 05:30 PM

Defining Risk Drivers

Product development is a risky business. So how do you effectively minimize the impact of risks on your project? In short, you...

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7 Benefits of Calculating the Cost of Delay

Elyssa Pallai - 02/12/19 04:53 PM

About 10 years ago, very few companies that we talked to knew what Cost of Delay was, much less what their own number was for any of their products....

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Push vs. Pull

Eric Graves - 02/12/19 02:00 PM

What is the difference between push vs pull?

In a pull system, teams pull tasks from the backlog. As opposed to a push system where work is pushed...

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7 Proven Ways To Manage Tasks and Prioritize Work

Elyssa Pallai - 02/7/19 04:00 PM

Let’s face it, life is busy — at home and at work. Figuring out what tasks take priority can be a real challenge. The battle for our attention is...

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Resource Management

Eric Graves - 02/4/19 03:09 PM

This is the fifth part of our series on Lean Project Management. In this post, we look at resource management. 

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10 Benefits of Visual Management

Elyssa Pallai - 01/30/19 03:05 PM

Change is hard. There is no doubt about that. However, if you want to create flow among new product development teams, and ultimately speed up...

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Lean Project Management Principles

Elyssa Pallai - 01/30/19 11:57 AM

A fundamental principle of Lean is smooth, continuous flow. Flow is achieved by eliminating turbulence caused when the flow through any process is...

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Definition of Done (DoD) and Why It's Critical to Your Project's Success

Elyssa Pallai - 01/29/19 04:00 PM

The best project managers know the devil is in the details and communication between team members is the oil in the engine that makes project...

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Kanban Board Examples

Eric Graves - 01/24/19 11:34 AM

This is the third part of our series on Lean project management.

In this post we discuss visual management’s and Kanban's role in Lean and Agile...
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How to Create Highly Engaged Product Development Teams

Elyssa Pallai - 01/23/19 03:55 PM

Our mission is to help engineers love their jobs. It’s what we do. So what makes people love their jobs?

Gallup gathered data from over a million...

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Lean Project Management Methods and Principles

Eric Graves - 01/17/19 01:12 PM

This is the second part of our series on Lean Agile Project Management.

In Part 1 we recognized that one of the primary drivers of success in product...

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Top 5 Lean and Agile Blog Posts of 2019

Elyssa Pallai - 01/15/19 03:00 PM

In our experience, engineers like to stretch their minds beyond the limits of what's possible, solving problems and bringing ideas to life. In fact,...

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Lean Project Management

Eric Graves - 01/9/19 06:55 PM

Feeling like you are using the wrong tools to achieve your product development goals?

This is Part 1 of a series of posts on Lean Project Management

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Four Essential Features of a Visual Management Board

Elyssa Pallai - 01/8/19 07:16 PM

Communication across complex project teams can be challenging. Having said this, clear and timely communication is the most critical ingredient to...

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8 Ways to Decrease Risk in Project Decisions

Eric Graves - 01/8/19 06:30 PM

So how do you increase certainty in project decisions. In part we can increase certainty by increasing the accuracy of our impact estimates. 

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ROI of Risk Management

Eric Graves - 01/1/19 09:47 PM

The Return on Investment in project risk management is high, and therefore worth the effort.

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Procurement Strategy That Works

Eric Graves - 12/4/18 05:23 PM

Shipment delays in product development happen. Packages get lost or dropped off at the wrong location. As a result projects can get delayed more than...

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Cost of Delay Project Model Examples

Eric Graves - 11/27/18 06:43 PM

Project Modeling: Project Management Decisions Based on Profit

How do you make project decisions based on their impact on profit? Here are some...

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Cost of Delay and Project Modeling

Eric Graves - 11/20/18 04:39 PM

In order to make project decisions such as whether or not to add a new feature, we need an economic model. Cost of Delay is one input into this...

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Resource Availability - How to Calculate It

Eric Graves - 11/13/18 09:43 PM

The project team is falling behind schedule at a rapid rate. The major milestones and planned launch date are becoming further out of reach. You are...

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The Benefits of Kanban and Gantt for Hardware Development

Elyssa Pallai - 11/8/18 04:17 PM

Why is Gantt and Kanban such a killer combination in hardware development for accelerating projects? Some of you may instantly recoil at the mere...

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2 Visual Management Software Must Have Features

Elyssa Pallai - 10/23/18 04:54 PM

The purpose of visual work management software is, among other things, to make knowledge work visible so that it can be effectively managed.


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Top 10 Benefits of Lean Project Management

Elyssa Pallai - 09/25/18 11:11 AM

In this post I want to step back from the details in the series on the underlying principles and why they are so important and instead take a quick...

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Cost of Delay: How to Calculate It - Free Excel spreadsheet

David Paulson - 09/18/18 07:01 PM

The goal of developing new products is profit. And even though we intuitively know it's important to get to market sooner, do you really understand...

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Guide to Lean Agile Project Management

Elyssa Pallai - 08/21/18 05:44 PM

Looking to deepen your understanding of Lean Agile project management?

At Playbook we have a number of free resources available in the Knowledge...

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11 Signs You Need to Look at Lean and Agile Project Management

Elyssa Pallai - 08/9/18 04:31 PM

Taking a product from idea to launch is not a simple task. Projects are complex and when you are dealing in the world of hardware development, you...

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Lean Agile Project Management (Part 2): Which Lean practices deliver the highest ROI?

Eric Graves - 07/19/18 05:47 PM

Feeling like you are using the wrong tools to achieve your product development goals?

This is Part 2 of a series of posts on Lean product...

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What is Lean Project Management?

Eric Graves - 07/17/18 11:48 AM

Feeling like you are using the wrong tools to achieve your product development goals?

This is Part 1 of a series of posts on Lean Project Management...

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Lean or Agile, Which is the Best for Hardware Development…?

David Paulson - 07/10/18 02:40 PM

We created a 9 minute video that shares two paradigm shifting ideas around what causes late projects. Here is the video, and why we did it...

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7 Guidelines for Implementing Time-Blocking Effectively

Paul DeLong - 05/24/18 03:04 PM

What is time-blocking?

What is time-blocking? Time-blocking is effectively blocking time in your calendar dedicated to getting your work done. ...

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5 Lean Project Management Tips

Elyssa Pallai - 05/16/18 12:37 PM

Did you know traditional methods of project management supported by software products like Microsoft Project have been around for over 50 years?...

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Digital Transformation in IoT Means Transcending Traditional Product Development Borders

Elyssa Pallai - 05/15/18 03:51 PM

If you work in product development, the Internet of Things and connected devices are top of mind. The impact of the IoT transcends industry borders...

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What is Project Risk Management

Eric Graves - 04/3/18 05:45 PM

While on a recent trip to New Zealand to ramp up a new client, I took a little time after work to see some sights. Coincidently, I was also...

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5 Principles of Lean Project Management

Eric Graves - 03/8/18 12:00 PM

I recently read the new book Team of Teams – New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World, by General Stanley McChrystal. I’d like to share some of my...

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7 Principles of Lean Product Development

Elyssa Pallai - 03/1/18 05:45 AM

What are the key principles of Lean product development?  Here are seven, that if applied correctly, can transform your product development process.  

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8 Tips for Adopting Lean Project Management

Eric Graves - 02/8/18 06:00 PM

Achieving project flow is what enables project teams to have greater confidence task completion and launch dates. At Playbook, we have found that...

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Playbook Knowledge Center: Applying Agile to Hardware

Elyssa Pallai - 12/5/17 05:41 PM

At PLAYBOOK it's our mission to help you change the world faster! So, we have a number of free resources available on our website to help you on your...

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Playbook Knowledge Center: Lean Product Development

Elyssa Pallai - 11/14/17 04:48 PM

At Playbook it's our mission to help you change the world faster! So, we have a number of free resources available on our website to help you on your...

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Playbook Knowledge Center: Cost of Delay

Elyssa Pallai - 11/7/17 05:05 PM

At PLAYBOOK it's our mission to help you change the world faster! So, we have a number of free resources available on our website. Many of you have...

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Architectural Runway and WSJF

Eric Graves - 10/24/17 03:33 PM

What is an architectural runway?

Designing a new product with an architectural runway means supporting the business' ability to "land" new features...

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Don Reinertsen: Ideas That May Change Your Approach To Product Development

Elyssa Pallai - 10/17/17 04:41 PM

Got time to read a book? Lately, neither do I. That's why I was very excited to find these 8 short video interviews with Don Reinertsen. In minutes,...

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Innovation and New Product Development: Elon Musk on becoming a multiplanet species

Elyssa Pallai - 10/5/17 05:34 PM

Elon Musk wants you to be inspired. He wants you to be inspired by the future. To him, an inspired future means we are a multiplanet species...

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So you want to change the world?

Elyssa Pallai - 08/31/17 07:32 PM

Remember when you wanted to be a super hero?

Not like Superman, but someone who changed the world with great ideas that became cool products. A...

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6 Habits of Highly Successful Lean Product Development Teams

Elyssa Pallai - 08/15/17 04:01 PM
We left school thinking we were going to change the world and then reality hit. The fact is new product development is a complex undertaking, full of...
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Where is My (Tesla) Model 3?: Or how manufacturing works by Elon Musk

Elyssa Pallai - 08/3/17 05:28 PM

Where is my Model 3? Apparently Tesla customers are still asking Elon Musk this very question. (He just released the keys to new 30 owners 4 days...

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Best Lean Books: Queues and Batches

Elyssa Pallai - 07/27/17 04:38 PM

Welcome to our Top Lean Reads series of posts. In this week's post, we share our top books on setting a record pace for product delivery by managing...

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Innovation and Lean Product Development: Mars anyone?

Elyssa Pallai - 06/27/17 03:59 PM

Technology and innovation is alluring, mystical. And as such, once you’ve worked in an innovative company, with the innovative people that come with...

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Best Lean Books: Cost of delay and project economic modeling

Elyssa Pallai - 06/20/17 03:39 PM

Welcome to our Top Lean Reads series of posts. In this week's post, we share our top books on cost of delay and project economic modeling. So,...

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9 Ways to Foster Team Collaboration

Elyssa Pallai - 06/13/17 04:14 PM

News flash. A Harvard Business Review study confirmed what we already knew--team collaboration is hard.

Yes we knew that. But the study also confirms...

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Guide to Lean Product Development

Elyssa Pallai - 06/6/17 03:16 PM

Know your current product development process could use a few tweaks or maybe a total overhaul, but don’t know where to start?

We’ve pulled together...

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Innovation and New Product Development

Elyssa Pallai - 05/11/17 04:04 PM

Is this the Renaissance of invention? Have engineers moved from geekdom to superhero status? We think so.

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4 Ways to Ensure your Product Development Initiative Won't Fail

David Paulson - 04/30/17 12:00 PM

The first attempt to implement Lean product development is critical. If you don’t get it right, there will be more resistance on the next attempt....

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Lean Product Development: Barriers to Adoption

David Paulson - 04/27/17 05:00 PM

I often hear companies use the excuse that their culture is preventing them from adopting Lean product development, or making other positive changes....

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Lean Principles

David Paulson - 04/25/17 05:00 PM

In my previous blog post I introduced two of Don Reinertsen’s books and explained how they contained dozens and dozens of great ideas around Lean and...

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Lean and Agile Lessons That Make Parenting Easier (Really!)

David Paulson - 04/20/17 04:00 PM

My last blog post was about an example of great packaging design from Girl Scout Cookies, and I pointed out that we can learn Lean and Agile lessons...

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6 Ideas for Transforming Your Approach to Product Development

Elyssa Pallai - 04/14/17 05:51 PM

Effective product development teams are proactive learners. They thrive on change and active discovery and problem solving. In this environment, the...

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Lean Product Development: Where in the world should you begin?

David Paulson - 04/13/17 05:15 PM

In the previous two blogs I made a compelling case for Lean Product Development being the business opportunity of the century, and then gave an...

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3 Lessons from the most innovative companies

Elyssa Pallai - 04/4/17 04:07 PM

So how do the most innovative companies foster innovation? Google, Amazon and IDEO share their recipes for success here...

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Lean Product Development Case Study

David Paulson - 03/16/17 05:30 PM

In this post, I want to share an incredible case study that demonstrates the unexpected results that can be achieved when you apply the proper set of...

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14 Tips for Calculating Cost of Delay

Eric Graves - 03/9/17 06:30 PM

14 tips for calculating cost of delay. Implementing cost of delay and ultimately creating a project economic model for basing project decisions on is...

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Lean Case Study: Grid Solutions Company

Elyssa Pallai - 03/7/17 08:52 PM

Lean Case Study: Grid Solutions

"...Playbook added that catalytic capability to use all the other pieces in the right way."
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