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Daily Stand-up Meetings - Free Agenda

Paul DeLong- 02/28/19 04:54 PM

Daily standup meetings

What is a daily standup meeting?

A daily standup meeting or scrum meeting is a daily, 15-min long meeting where each person spends a few minutes preparing, a few minutes discussing what’s blocking their progress, a few minutes getting up to speed with the rest of the team’s progress and blockages – every single day.

What is the purpose of daily standup meetings?

The purpose of a daily standup is to remove any roadblocks to getting critical tasks completed. By holding a daily standup, the project team gets the following benefits.

  1. Minimize Queue Time
  2. Minimize Work
  3. Maximize Resource Availability
  4. Minimize Blocked Duration

Daily standup meeting agenda

Standups are strictly time-boxed to 15 minutes to keep the discussion brisk and relevant. Daily standups also have a very specific agenda:

  1. What got done yesterday? Synchronize handoffs to ensure we don’t drop the ball.
  2. What are today’s priorities and are they clear and common for everyone? Ensure everyone is working on the right things at the right time.
  3. Who is blocked and what can we do about it? We can avoid unnecessary delays if we know about them earlier.
  4. Proactively manage queues, resource loading and availability, and multitasking.

When the team is conducting effective standup meetings, potential delays to the project are found early and quickly, allowing the team to proactively find ways to stay on schedule. 

Want a deeper dive on how to run a daily stand-up meeting?  Read our other posts on how to run a daily standup meeting 

What not to do during a daily standup meeting

Teams that don’t run effective standup meetings are those where each team member gives in-depth status reports, repeating the same information day after day, or the discussion is allowed to spirals into a sea of in-depth technical problem-solving discussions.

Team members often don’t see much value in these types of meetings and feel they only waste more of their precious time. Like a football team, product development teams must be able to execute daily standup meetings (huddles) highly effectively. To do so requires good training, practice, and coaching.

Playbook supports daily standup meetings

In Playbook, team members update the status of their tasks daily rather than weekly so plans are always up-to-date and accurate, and priority changes are known immediately. Teams are empowered and communication is greatly improved. Everyone’s more focused, progress is seen daily and projects get done sooner.

Duration = Queue Time + Blocked Duration

Download your free daily huddle flow chart to help you fine tune your daily standups. 

Download My Daily Huddle Agenda

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