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Digital marketer and translator, Elyssa spends her time putting NPD and engineering concepts into plain english and working on new and meaningful ways to connect with Playbook's amazing clients.

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Innovation and New Product Development: Elon Musk on becoming a multiplanet species

Elyssa Pallai- 10/5/17 05:34 PM


Elon Musk wants you to be inspired. He wants you to be inspired by the future. To him, an inspired future means we are a multiplanet species...

Last week, just six months after they proved the feasibility of reusable rockets, SpaceX plans to send their first Big Falcon Rockets (BFRs) to mars in 2022, and people to mars in 2024. The BFR is the most powerful rocket to fly, and fully reusable.

What is the feasibility of this? SpaceX has proven over and over again that they say what they mean and mean what they say.

According to Elon, the goal of these initial missions to mars is to find the best source of water, to construct a propellant plant and to establish and grow the first city on mars.

He wants to be a multiplanet species because, “It beats the hell out of being a single planet species.” It's what inspires him.

In addition to traveling to mars, Elon also has ambitious plans for travel around earth. He also believes the BFR can be used to fly to most places on Earth in under 30 minutes and anywhere in the world in under 60 minutes. And did I mention at the same price as a full fare on a domestic flight?

Can you imagine flying half way around the world in less than an hour? What’s the impact on where people work and live? On the global economy?

Feeling inspired?

Watch Elon's vision for the BFR and why it's important to be a multiplanet species here.



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