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Inquisitive, provocative and results oriented, David is willing to dig into problems until their true essence is understood and the solution is executed. We love that at Playbook!

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Lean Agile Assessment

David Paulson- 10/24/19 02:28 PM

Having a working knowledge of the core principles of Lean Agile product development is critical to your project's success. For example, do you know the most important benefit of a well-designed Visual Project Board? Or, do you know what element of project execution has the biggest impact on profit...?

Lean Agile Assessment

Find out the answers to these questions (and more) by taking this Lean and Agile Assessment! It only takes a few minutes. And if you leave us your email address at the end of the survey, we can send you a summary report on the State of Lean Agile in 2020.


Need a refresher before you dive in?

Achieving a level of proficiency in Lean Agile methods and principles is no easy task. At Playbook we have many free resources to make the transition to Lean Agile product development as smooth as possible--for you, and your team.

Check out our knowledge center or send us an email so we can point you in the right direction to the learning tools that best suit your goals. We have also highlighted a few below.

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