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David Paulson


Inquisitive, provocative and results oriented, David is willing to dig into problems until their true essence is understood and the solution is executed. We love that at PLAYBOOK!

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Cost of Delay: A simple but powerful metric - Free excel spreadsheet

David Paulson - 09/18/18 07:01 PM

The goal of developing new products is profit. And even though we intuitively know it's important to get to market sooner, do you really...

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Lean or Agile, Which is the Best for Hardware Development…?

David Paulson - 07/10/18 02:40 PM

We created a 9 minute video that shares two paradigm shifting ideas around what causes late projects. Here is the video, and why we did it...

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4 Ways to Ensure your Product Development Initiative Won't Fail

David Paulson - 04/30/17 12:00 PM

The first attempt to implement Lean product development is critical. If you don’t get it right, there will be more resistance on the next attempt....

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Lean Product Development (part 7): Cultural resistance isn't the reason you can't implement Lean Product Development!

David Paulson - 04/27/17 05:00 PM

I often hear companies use the excuse that their culture is preventing them from adopting Lean product development, or making other positive...

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Lean Product Development (part 6): The other key principles...!

David Paulson - 04/25/17 05:00 PM

In my previous blog post I introduced two of Don Reinertsen’s books and explained how they contained dozens and dozens of great ideas around Lean...

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Lean and Agile Lessons That Make Parenting Easier (Really!)

David Paulson - 04/20/17 04:00 PM

My last blog post was about an example of great packaging design from Girl Scout Cookies, and I pointed out that we can learn Lean and Agile...

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Lean Product Development (part 5): Where in the world should you begin?

David Paulson - 04/13/17 05:15 PM

In the previous two blogs I made a compelling case for Lean Product Development being the business opportunity of the century, and then gave an...

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Lean Product Development Case Study (part 3) - The Impossible Goal!

David Paulson - 03/16/17 05:30 PM

In this post, I want to share an incredible case study that demonstrates the unexpected results that can be achieved when you apply the proper set...

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Lean Product Development (part 2): The Business Opportunity of the Century

David Paulson - 02/14/17 06:34 PM

People sometimes tell me they’re having trouble getting their company interested in applying Lean and Agile concepts to hardware product...

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Innovation and New Product Development: If you thought you couldn't learn Lean NPD lessons from Girl Scouts, think again…!

David Paulson - 02/9/17 04:32 PM

You probably weren’t surprised last week when we shared lean product design examples from Elon Musk. But did you ever think you would learn about...

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Lean Product Development (part 1): Positive Economics of Failing Fast

David Paulson - 02/2/17 06:15 PM

One of the topics that frequently arises when I'm talking to someone about lean product development is the concept of failing fast. They usually...

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Lean and Agile? Yes, it's both in hardware development!

David Paulson - 12/15/16 05:55 PM

Lean and Agile? There seems to be some confusion about which works best for the hardware development process. This makes sense. Agile came from...

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The invisible, nefarious cause of project delays …!

David Paulson - 10/27/16 05:11 PM

In a previous blog post, I mentioned how electronic lean/agile/kanban visual project management tools have a bigger impact on schedule that any...

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Visual Project Management Software has a Bigger Impact on Schedule than Any Other Solution

David Paulson - 10/6/16 04:20 PM

Every once in a while, someone asks me for help in creating a cost justification for a Lean Project Management initiative. Budgets are usually...

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Visual Project Management Software: Play the game and see what you've been missing!

David Paulson - 06/2/16 06:39 PM

Does this sound familiar? Intuitively you know visual project management software is worth the investment, but how do you effectively communicate...

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3 Secrets of Highly Successful New Product Development Executives

David Paulson - 12/19/13 02:54 AM

At Playbook, we work with a lot of great Fortune 500 companies that are adopting next generation—lean, agile and flow—approaches to new product...

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Audible Ready

David Paulson - 10/22/13 09:10 AM

Welcome to Playbook's's blog, Lean and Agile product development blog. Running projects requires the ability to adapt to new information quickly...

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