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Inquisitive, provocative and results oriented, David is willing to dig into problems until their true essence is understood and the solution is executed. We love that at Playbook!

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Visual Project Management Software: Play the game and see what you've been missing!

David Paulson- 06/2/16 06:39 PM

Does this sound familiar? Intuitively you know visual project management software is worth the investment, but how do you effectively communicate the benefits?

In an effort to make it easier for people to understand how Playbook has such a big impact, we used an example that most people are familiar with—bottlenecks in manufacturing—and created a game to compare the challenge of finding them in R&D.

The game is simple and should take just a few minutes.

The lesson is powerful and could last a lifetime.

The Benefits of Visual Project Management Software

Want to know more about Playbook Lean visual project management software? Watch a video demonstration of Playbook.

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