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Digital marketer and translator, Elyssa spends her time putting NPD and engineering concepts into plain english and working on new and meaningful ways to connect with Playbook's amazing clients.

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5 Visual Project Management Software Requirements

Elyssa Pallai- 05/10/16 05:35 PM

Visual project management is critical for creating flow in your Lean product development projects. If you are working with manual project boards, automating your board is the next step. There are several electronic Kanban boards on the market. But simple automation of manual project boards (Kanban) often falls short. Playbook is unique, in that it combines both Kanban functionality as well as a Gantt view of your projects. 

5 Must Have Visual Project Management Requirements

  1. See both a Kanban view and Gantt view of your projects

    The entire team (remote team members too!) can access both the long term plan (Gantt view) and today’s activities (Kanban view). So each team member can see their top priority tasks across projects, across the enterprise.

  2. Change the plan, and see the impact, in real-time

    In Playbook, the plan and the detailed tasks are integrated, so when today’s tasks are updated, changes to things like resource availability and the critical chain are visible immediately. The team has the most up-to-date information and can work on tasks flagged with the highest priority across the enterprise.

  3. Resource loading is visible across projects

    In new product development most people are working across multiple projects. Playbook allows you to see when resources are overloaded and enables you to reallocate tasks or resources across projects. 

  4. Priorities are clear and correct, again, across projects

    Team members can see their number one priority task across projects, every day. With Playbook your top task is automatically calculated based on criticality -- once again, across the enterprise.

  5. Project history is recorded

    With a project library at your finger tips, never start planning from scratch again. With Playbook, project history is recorded as you make changes. Plans are easily repurposed and refined for the next project. 


Want to know more about Playbook? Watch the video demonstration to find out why project are late. Then watch part 2 to see how Playbook solves for these issues.

Watch the video

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