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Digital marketer and translator, Elyssa spends her time putting NPD and engineering concepts into plain english and working on new and meaningful ways to connect with Playbook's amazing clients.

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Where is My (Tesla) Model 3?: Or how manufacturing works by Elon Musk

Elyssa Pallai- 08/3/17 05:28 PM

Where is my Model 3? Apparently Tesla customers are still asking Elon Musk this very question. (He just released the keys to new 30 owners 4 days ago.) So what's the rub? In this video clip Elon Musk explains how manufacturing works and why the Model 3 is late.

There is something comforting in knowing that even Elon isn't immune to the problems inherent in manufacturing, including the limiting constraint...

“…There are 10.000 unique parts in a Model 3 and these are coming from all over the world…When you have 10,000 unique items in a vehicle, or any object, any one of them can slow down the production process. So, the production rate will move as fast as the slowest and least likeliest component in the whole mix...”

Similar to manufacturing, the R&D process is constrained by the speed of the work getting done on the critical path. So if you think your projects are taking too long, check out this post that explains how those little and barely noticed daily slips can easily double the length of your project.

And the video clip of Musk's explanation of the problem is here. Watch it. It's brief and definitely entertaining!


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