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Digital marketer and translator, Elyssa spends her time putting NPD and engineering concepts into plain english and working on new and meaningful ways to connect with Playbook's amazing clients.

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Smart Wires Recognized as Top 3 Most Important Innovations of the Decade

Elyssa Pallai- 06/2/20 11:45 AM

In a time beset by challenges, it’s important to celebrate successes. This week Smart Wires, a Playbook customer that has gone from win to win, was bestowed a great honor. The World Economic Forum (Davos fame) has recognized Smart Wires as one of the key critical infrastructure innovations of the decade.

"Winners were chosen based on several criteria including their benefit to society and contribution to accelerating the energy transition.

'Smart Wires is honored that our solutions were included on a very short and prestigious list of technologies recognized as critical enablers of the energy transition,” said Gregg Rotenberg, Smart Wires CEO.'”


We began working with Smart Wires in 2015. The effort has been led by Haroon Inam, Chief Technology Officer. At that time, Smart Wires needed to deliver a highly complex product under a very constrained timeframe, and their pilot project became one of our case studies.

What stands out for us in working with Haroon is his deep trust in his team. When we first started working with him he shared that his team was highly motivated and innovative, and already very successful. However, he also had them ready to embrace a new method and toolset so the adoption of the Playbook methods and software went very smoothly. This allowed them to rapidly align the large number of work streams that are necessary for the development of their very technologically advanced products.

The results were impressive.

As Haroon stated, “What we have achieved with a unified method and tool is multidisciplinary communication synchronized at high speed. We took what is typically a multi-year timeframe for designing, building and launching high-powered modular multi-level megawatt-class converters down to just a few months. Simply amazing. Playbook added that catalytic capability to use all the other pieces in the right way.”

Haroon also added, “With over 240 engineers and technicians, including 20 PhDs, plus an additional 40 manufacturing associates, Smart Wires R&D and Manufacturing team is spread across three global locations. That Playbook-based alignment is truly critical to achieve our success.”

About Smart Wires

Based in Silicon Valley, Smart Wires is the leader in grid-optimization solutions that leverage its patented modular power flow control technology. Driven by a world-class leadership team, the company works with utilities globally to address the unique challenges of the rapidly evolving electric system.

About Playbook

At Playbook our mission is to work with the best minds to accelerate the delivery of world-changing products. We are honored to be a part of the Smart Wires journey.

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