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Continue Your Playbook Deep Dive

We’re thrilled you are interested in seeing how Playbook transforms project management for product teams. Chapters 3 & 4 are not just the meat and potatoes, but the magic as well. Send us a few details for immediate access.

Part 3: Software Designed to Facilitate Process

In this introduction to Playbook software, see how Playbook creates the right environment for all project stages—from planning to daily task priorities, and gives team members and managers relevant views of the same playing field. Playbook not only reacts to changes, but also captures the data essential for future projects.

Part 4: The Dynamics of Project Progression

In this fourth chapter, see how Playbook supports the changing dynamics of a project, enables team members to be hyper-focused on priority work, notifies you immediately when a delay occurs, and capitalizes on incremental gains.

Playbook was designed to use the most advanced methodology available so that every team member is always working on the most important task, every day.