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LPPDE Europe 2014, Copenhagen

Elyssa Pallai- 06/3/14 12:50 PM

Our value added reseller, eBOM, based in Sweden is attending LPPDE Europe and has shared some interesting images and insights into what's happening in the world of Lean thinking and new product development. Here are some snippets and access to the presentations from Day 2.

How Lean Product and Process Development Contributes to Innovation: LPPDE's View
Jorrit De Groot, LPPDE Chairman of the Board

During the first session Jorrit De Groot, LPPDE Chairman of the Board discussed how lean product and process development contributes to innovation. We will upload the presentation when it's available. Here are a few images.




Case Story: How LEGO are Working with Continuous Improvement in an Innovation Culture
Erik Eskildsen, Director of Business Process Development

Erik Eskildsen, Director of Business Process Development showed us how Lego have taken on the challenge of establishing a continuous improvement culture and living up to the mantra, "Only the best is enough." Erik says at Lego they accomplish this step by step.

First establishing trust by working with values and improve transparency in the company. All information should be transparent for everyone to make better decisions.

Then establishing a product development process based on these values.

Now they are working to get the continuous improvement of this development
process to be a natural part of all aspects of the company activities.




Lean Contributes to Innovation
Pratt & Whitney, KDPD Story

In the next session Penny Cloft and Brian Gracias, Senior Fellows Discipline Lead - Systems Engineering at KPDT describe how Pratt and Whitney implement set based design.

They identified the big problem with loop backs in product development and are working hard to get into a knowledge based learning product development process.

Preferred state:

-Learn 1st, Design 2nd

-Capture & Re-Use Knowledge

Implementing LPD: Bottom Up, Problem by Problem, Versus Top Down, Following a Standard Approach.

bild 2

Suzanne van Egmond, Manager Business Improvement and Peter Veltman Senior Director Lean Master continuous improvement from Philips Consumer Lifestyle discussed Implementing Lean Product Development, Bottom-up, problem by problem vs top down following a standard approach.

Philip¹s ambition is to adopt Lean in the entire company. Implementation approaches are developed for Supply and Office.

Lean Insights for innovation include things like standard work, 5S etc. doesn¹t work. It only leads to static, non creative work with no innovation. Companies need to manage the variability in innovation.

Issues and their solutions identified at Philips

Problem: Inefficient meetings
Solution: Visual planning

Problem: Project Planning too high level and not up to date resulting in fire fighting & rework
Solution: Visual and lean project planning boards

Problem: Improvement does not stick
Solution: A3 Problem solving

Problem: Lack of knowledge reuse
Solution: Kata approach to improve


The problem steered approach led to a good implementation of a high number of lean tools resulting in a 5-phase deployment methodology in Lean:

bild 1 (2)

To accomplish the plan there needs to be a leadership commitment, meaning the leaders need to do and act in the lean transformation work.

bild 2 (1)

Challenges and Crossroads in Lean Transformation Leadership, Göran Skoog, Business Support Radio

bild (1)

Göran will not retire at Ericsson until lean is implemented in the whole company.

Göran starts off by a set of questions regarding what if:

-Market & Sales says they cant sell the products in the product development flow?
-Our customers prefer previous product generation over the present?
-The technologies we have in our labs already can be found in our competitor’s products?
-This really happens?

Ericsson challenge for leaders in the lean transformation
- Admit that somebody else has better ideas about your job
- Go study new ways of working
- Take full responsibility for the change and learning process
And the summary!
Leadership in lean transformation
-Lean transformation is a learning process
-Managers must develop new ways of leading
-Four roles have been identified to meet the challenges of leadership in the lean transformation
-Stay at the helm!

We'll keep updating this post as we find more interesting images and engage in more discussion with industry luminaries and leaders at LPPDE Europe, 2014!