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Elyssa Pallai

VP Marketing

Digital marketer and translator, Elyssa spends her time putting NPD and engineering concepts into plain english and working on new and meaningful ways to connect with Playbook's amazing clients.

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PLAYBOOK’s Lean Links: September 25th 2015

Elyssa Pallai- 09/25/15 06:05 PM

Welcome to Fall and to PLAYBOOK’s Three Lean Project Managment Links blog series.

We will be curating Lean Project Management links from around the web and sending you the best three, weekly. Let us know what you think! We will keep it short, sweet and real. Enjoy!

Increasing team collaboration (Video)

Need to increase team collaboration? Watch Jim Tamm’s TEDx Santa Cruz talk about resolving conflict and increasing collaboration in your organization. Are you a green or a red zone person? Find out here.

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Is it time to retire the word "Agile?"

In this post, Dave Thomas, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, discusses why it might be time to retire the word "agile."

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Planning to Make the Most of Guessing in Product Development

In this post, by Steven Sinofsky, Harvard Business School, discusses the natural tension between a desire to get started and the need to plan in complex development projects.

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