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Finish Complex Projects On Time

Playbook Project Management Software incorporates lean product development principles directly into your project plan. So your team can prioritize the right tasks, respond to changes flexibly, and keep everyone informed.
Clear And Correct Priorities
Predictable End Dates
Real-Time Status Reports

Are Late Projects The Norm For Your Team?

If you are experiencing these issues, your project is already late. 

•  Prioritizing the wrong tasks at the wrong time delays project completion
•  Multitasking prevents team members from concentrating on critical tasks
•  Project managers struggle to stay up-to-date on progress toward milestones
•  Overloaded team members slow the whole project down

Incorrect Priorities Are The #1 Cause Of Project Delays.

  • When your team is focused on the wrong tasks at the wrong times, it leads to late projects. A timeline that occasionally slips by a day or two may not sound like much. But these slips accumulate over time. They can easily double the length of your project without anyone noticing.

The Math Is Simple


Finishing projects on time should be simple. (Not easy… but simple.)

Introducing Playbook

Playbook is project management software specifically designed to help execute product development projects using the best of Agile, Critical Chain project management, and Lean development methodologies. ​​Playbook creates unprecedented visibility, aligns teams and stakeholders, and implements a process-based methodology that transforms your product development flow.

Getting Started With Playbook Is Simple & Risk-Free


Get a flexible free trial with access to all features, and no commitment to purchase.


Import your existing project plans from the planning tools you currently use.


Receive comprehensive training and live support.


Use your Playbook trial until all stakeholders believe it will work in your company.

Adopting Playbook Is Simple

We provide an onboarding process that helps you get results with your new project management solution on your first project.


Some additional informatiaThe fact that the team was up and running in two weeks with Playbook was phenomenal and speaks well of the company and the product.”
Product Realization Team Builder
Hitting the target with this first project is a pretty good testimony to the fact that the concepts work."
President (retired) - Medical Device
I am very pleased to say that we had our first significant major milestone with them (our new client), and not only were we on time, we were slightly early."
VP & COO - Milwaukee Valve

Why Choose Playbook?

Playbook integrates resource management, visual work management, and plan management in one system so you can manage multiple priorities and identify schedule risks with real-time status reports across your portfolio.

Unique Project Views

Gain perspective and stay focused by creating and saving unlimited dynamic project views that update in real-time to keep your team informed of every milestone’s status.

Meaningful KPIs

Access unique metrics that make it possible to react to changes in project timelines before they cause delays. Playbook software lets your business create unique KPIs based on what matters most.

Real-Time Project Updates & Status Reports

Keep stakeholders in the loop at all times with modern reporting capabilities that are eons ahead of similar solutions. And they don't require your team to spend precious time drafting, reviewing, and sending regular status updates. Playbook generates up-to-date reports in real time using actions your team takes within the software.

Pull-Based Task Management System

Other platforms push new tasks to team members as soon as they're entered into the system. Playbook's pull-based task management automatically prioritizes team members' tasks as they're completed. So they stay 100% focused on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed or the need to multitask.

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