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Playbook Pricing

Pricing for 0 to 50 users. Contact us for discount pricing if you need more than 50 users.

Free User


per year, per user

($0 per month)

Ideal For:
Senior managers who spend lots of time looking at plans, but don’t get assigned many tasks.

Light User

per month, per user
(billed annually)

Ideal For:
Extended team members and project managers who spend a limited amount of time completing assigned tasks.

Standard User


per year, per user

($92 per month)

Ideal For:
Core team members who handle the bulk of assigned tasks during projects.


Which features can I access during my free trial?

All of them. Once you’ve begun your free trial, you get full access to all of Playbook’s unique capabilities.

Do you offer monthly pricing plans?

At the moment, no. We only offer annual billing. We do this so we can offer discounted implementation during the onboarding process.

What does a typical license mix look like?

When purchasing licenses for multiple users, it’s possible that you’ll need more Light users than Standard users. The breakdown varies depending on what your company does, and how you utilize our software. We will determine which licenses you need during your free trial.

What kind of ROI can I expect from Playbook?

Playbook pays for itself within a few days or weeks at most. Playbook doesn’t only help you prioritize – it helps you complete projects faster. For this reason, it’s common to see a ROI of 20x - 200x soon after using the software. 

If you need help getting budget approval, we have a payback analysis template that you can use to show an estimated ROI.