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Ready to dive even deeper and see how Playbook transforms product development for both managers and teams?

Part One: (6:26)
Understanding the Challenge

Real solutions start with understanding the problem. This introduction identifies the challenges facing product development teams and managers, from systemic issues to the biggest cause of project delay. The answer may surprise you, and the solution is here.

Part Two: (3:19)
Key Principals — Built In

Not bound by a single methodology, Playbook capitalizes on seven key principles, including Lean, Agile, and Theory of Constraints, and tailors key elements from each to create the most effective product development methodology. See how these principles are woven into the design and function of Playbook.

Part Three: (8:52)
Software Designed to Facilitate Process

In this introduction to the Playbook software, see how Playbook creates the right environment for all project stages, from game planning to daily task priorities, and gives team members and managers relevant views of the same playing field. Playbook not only reacts to changes, it captures the data essential for future projects.

Part Four: (23:11)
The Dynamics of Project Progression and Comprehensive Reporting

In this fourth chapter, see how Playbook supports the changing dynamics of a project, enables team members to be hyper-focused on priority work, accommodates for incremental losses, and capitalizes on incremental gains. Playbook not only pontificates best-in-practice philosophy, but it also provides the tools to walk the walk for every team member.