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Elyssa Pallai

VP Marketing

Digital marketer and translator, Elyssa spends her time putting NPD and engineering concepts into plain english and working on new and meaningful ways to connect with Playbook's amazing clients.

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Top 10 Lean and Agile Posts From 2016

Elyssa Pallai- 12/13/16 04:44 PM

At the end of each year we compile our list of the top ten Lean and Agile posts. Here’s 2016’s.

So grab a glass of egg nog, make your way to your favorite chair, and enjoy this compilation. It ultimately shares our best insights into Lean and Agile project management and achieving project flow. Ready to make a change in the new year?...

1. Cost of Delay: New Product Development Decisions

Forever popular, in this series on cost of delay you will learn how to estimate the per-month cost of delaying a new product development project. You'll be surprised at the impact on your company's bottom line.


2. Applying Agile to Hardware Development

What's the optimal approach to applying Agile to hardware? Eric Graves considers this topic in great depth including; what works, what doesn’t work and why.


3. Lean Product Development: Why did we focus on the wrong end of the Value Chain

The design chain is so much more important than the supply chain in delivering customer value. So why did we focus on the supply chain?


4. The invisible nefarious cause of project delays…!

If you ask a project team what caused their last project to be late, you will usually hear about the things that caused large delays like a test failure, or long lead times. But no one recognizes the 135 days that were lost because team members had incorrect priorities


5. Lean Case Study: Milwaukee Valve reaps the benefits of Lean transformation

Milwaukee Valve won big implementing PLAYBOOK software and Lean project management. This Lean case study demonstrates how Lean transformation elevates teams to do great things!


6. Visual Project Management Software has a Bigger Impact on Schedule than Any Other Solution

Because it’s used by the entire team for the duration of the project, Visual project management's impact to the schedule is much, much greater than any point solution could ever be. This helps to explain how we consistently achieve results cutting project times in half, or greater…


7. Project Risk Management for Hardware Development: How to Calculate Risk Exposure

Risk management and mitigation is another key to speeding up projects. Here is our recommended approach to managing risk, as well as some free, practical tools like a risk management template and how to calculate exposure.


8. Visual Project Management Software: Play the game and see what you've been missing!

In an effort to make it easier for people to understand how PLAYBOOK has such a big impact, we used an example that most people are familiar with—bottlenecks in manufacturing—and created a game to compare the challenge of finding them in R&D.

The game is simple and takes just a few minutes...


9. The New Rules of Engagement for Lean and Agile Project Management

In this post, Eric Graves shows how the ideas in the book, Team of Teams – New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World, by General Stanley McChrystal mirror Lean and Agile project management methods and techniques we use on the Lean product development battlefield.


10. Top 10 Benefits of Lean and Agile Project Management

Which came first, happier teams or better products? We think happier teams and Lean and implementing Agile principles and methods are one way to get you there. Here are the benefits.



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