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Critical Chain Project Management

Paul DeLong - 02/28/19 10:38 PM

Recently we’ve had a number of questions regarding the management of critical resources across multiple projects. Here are some tips for ensuring...

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Daily Standup

Paul DeLong - 02/28/19 04:54 PM

Daily Standups for Agile Teams

A daily standup meeting or scrum meeting is a daily 15-min long meeting where each person spends a few minutes...

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Best Books on Lean 2020

Elyssa Pallai - 02/28/19 03:35 PM

Here is our definitive list of the best books on Lean. More details are below.

Best Books on Lean 2020

  • Managing the Design Factory, by Donald G....
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Risk Management Process

Eric Graves - 02/26/19 09:00 PM

Risk management has four steps. It is cyclical, and each risk, issue, question, and opportunity is put through the process as quickly as possible. ...

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Shared Project Buffers

Paul DeLong - 02/25/19 01:15 PM


What is a shared project buffer?  

To accommodate for the uncertainty in the work estimates and the resource’s availability to do the work, the...

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Task management

Eric Graves - 02/20/19 12:15 PM

Effective task management

A lot has been said over the last several years about the fallacy of increased productivity when a person multitasks. Lean,...

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Risk Drivers and 5 Whys

Eric Graves - 02/19/19 10:58 PM

Risk Drivers and 5 Whys

We begin the analysis phase and look at risk drivers and the 5 Whys technique - a simple and powerful technique for...

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Risk identification and risk capture

Eric Graves - 02/19/19 08:35 PM

Risk Identification and Capture

The first step in risk management is identifying risks and capturing them in a risk management spreadsheet. In risk...
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Decentralized Project Management

Paul DeLong - 02/19/19 05:37 PM

This is the ninth part in our in-depth series on Lean Agile project management.

We've covered a variety of Lean principles that have a direct impact...

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Risk Mitigation Strategy

Eric Graves - 02/19/19 05:30 PM

Defining Risk Drivers

Product development is a risky business. So how do you effectively minimize the impact of risks on your project? In short, you...

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7 Benefits of Calculating the Cost of Delay

Elyssa Pallai - 02/12/19 04:53 PM

About 10 years ago, very few companies that we talked to knew what Cost of Delay was, much less what their own number was for any of their products....

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7 Proven Ways To Manage Tasks and Prioritize Work

Elyssa Pallai - 02/7/19 04:00 PM

Let’s face it, life is busy — at home and at work. Figuring out what tasks take priority can be a real challenge. The battle for our attention is...

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8 Types of Risk and Risk Management Investment

Eric Graves - 02/5/19 08:57 PM

8 Types of Risk 

In order to examine risk exposure and uncertainty in greater detail, let's look at the different types of risks --uncertain events...

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Resource Management

Eric Graves - 02/4/19 03:09 PM


Resource Management

This is the fifth part of our series on Lean Project Management. In this post, we look at resource management. 

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