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Introducing Playbook Project Management Software. Built To Help You Deliver On Time.

Boost transparency, increase accountability, and keep your team focused on the right tasks at the right time with Playbook project management software. Designed with lean product development principles at its core.
Gain visibility into every step of your project
Keep your team focused on high-priority tasks
Bring new products to market faster

Is Your Team Struggling To Hit Deadlines Regularly?

The number one cause of missed deadlines is a lack of correct priorities. It's impossible to meet commitments and maximize productivity when your team works on the wrong tasks at the wrong times. Ask yourself the questions below. If you answer “yes” to any of these, your project is already late.

Are your team members guessing which tasks to work on each day?

Are people feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and overstressed while working on multiple project?

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You deserve a better way to manage your projects.


Playbook Project Management Software Keeps Timelines On Track

Playbook was designed by engineers to offer hardware teams a better approach to project management. Our software integrates key principles from Agile, Critical Chain, and Lean product development methodologies directly into your planning and execution processes. Playbook’s core ideas make it possible to deliver every project on time.

Getting Started With Playbook Is Simple & Risk-Free


Get a flexible free trial with access to all features, and no commitment to purchase.


Import your existing project plans from the planning tools you currently use.


Prevent Team Burnout And Develop New Products Fast

Start using Playbook today. Discover the meaning of efficiency with access to powerful features developed to optimize your project management practices. Playbook helps you create a flexible plan that keeps project timelines transparent and intact without overwhelming your team.

Unlimited Unique Project Views

Gain perspective and stay focused by creating and saving unlimited dynamic project views that update in real time to keep your team informed of every milestone’s status.

Huddle View

Streamline project tracking and eliminate the need for long daily standups with the Huddle View, which displays all assigned tasks for a single project so you know who is on track, who is behind, and who needs additional support. Split screens between the Huddle and Game Plan View to see near-term priorities and long-term project plans at a glance. 

Game Plan View

Get a visual overview that illustrates your team’s progress across each project. A color-coded prioritization system makes decentralized and rolling wave planning possible by showing you when each existing milestone needs to be completed. 

My Playbook View

Set clear priorities for team members involved in multiple projects. The My Playbook View shows your employees which projects they’re involved with, when project tasks need to be completed, and how much time they have to complete them.

Resource Loading View

Effectively manage your workforce and project resources with the Resource Management View. Resource loading and tasks are fully integrated to help you prioritize effectively, allocate critical resources, and manage workloads based on business priorities.

Real-Time Project Updates & Status Reports

Playbook lets you keep all stakeholders on the same page with modern reporting capabilities that are eons ahead of similar solutions. And they don’t require your team to spend precious time drafting, reviewing, and sending regular status updates. Playbook can automatically create up-to-date reports in real time using actions your team takes within the software. 

Buffer Charts

Visualize whether projects are ahead, at risk, or behind, so project managers can monitor progress in real time and make adjustments or interventions as needed. With multi-endpoint buffer charts, stakeholders can quickly identify problematic deadlines before they slip.

Portfolio Milestone Chart

Get a visual summary of your team’s progress toward each milestone across all of your projects. The Portfolio Milestone Chart plots your team’s progress toward every milestone to show you whether your team is meeting performance targets.  

Resource Loading Chart

Gain a deeper understanding of your team’s bandwidth to manage tasks and projects. Playbook’s Resource Loading Chart lets you calculate resource loading to gain an overview of each employee’s workload. Perfect for managing resource allocation without overwhelming team members.

Meaningful KPIs

Access unique metrics that make it possible to react to changes in your project timeline before they cause delays. 

Warning Score

Learn which tasks are on track for completion, at risk, or delayed with the click of a button. Playbook’s Warning Score provides insights into milestone progress by instantly revealing which critical tasks require your team’s attention. 

Team Engagement Report

Know what each team member has on their plate at any given moment. The Team Engagement Report shows who logs in, their contributions toward each milestone, and which of their tasks still need to be completed.

Pull-Based Task Management System

Other platforms push new tasks to team members as soon as they’re entered into the system. Playbook’s pull-based task management optimizes resource availability by letting your team replace existing items on their to-do lists with high-priority tasks as they’re completed. So they stay 100% focused on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed or needing to multitask.


Some additional informatiaThe fact that the team was up and running in two weeks with Playbook was phenomenal and speaks well of the company and the product.”
Product Realization Team Builder
Hitting the target with this first project is a pretty good testimony to the fact that the concepts work."
President (retired) - Medical Device
I am very pleased to say that we had our first significant major milestone with them (our new client), and not only were we on time, we were slightly early."
VP & COO - Milwaukee Valve

Try Playbook Risk-Free

Playbook makes managing your team's project schedule a breeze. Schedule a discovery call now to start your free trial.


How do I get started with Playbook?

It’s easy. Just click here to schedule a discovery call. We’ll get you started with a free trial during the call.

Can Playbook import my existing project plans from other tools?

Yes. Playbook allows you to import project plans from the most popular planning tools.

How long does it take to get my team fully trained with Playbook?

It’s not uncommon to see entire teams fully trained within 2-3 weeks. We provide focused training for 4-5 team members during your free trial, and for up to 15 people at a time once you’ve purchased licenses.

Can Playbook be hosted on internal servers?

Yes, we do offer local hosting options. However, Playbook is hosted on the Azure cloud and is served from multiple locations around the globe for maximum speed and security. Schedule a call to discuss which is best for you.

What types of projects is Playbook designed for?

Playbook was specifically designed to solve the unique challenges facing hardware development teams, but it’s also suitable for service-based companies and agencies that manage long-term projects.

How does Playbook compare to other project management products?

With Playbook, it’s common for teams to finish their projects before their planned end dates…without experiencing the typical last-minute scramble. 

Most project management tools are based on methods that were developed over sixty years ago, when project timelines had a lot less uncertainty (and a lot less complexity).

By contrast, Playbook was designed to facilitate methods and principles from Lean, Agile, and Theory of Constraints. These keep projects predictable while allowing you to respond to necessary changes and keep everyone well-informed along the way. 

What type of support can I expect after launch?

Before we developed Playbook, we were a consulting company for many years. Providing stellar service is deeply ingrained in our culture. We’ll work closely with you from the day you start your free trial to ensure you’re getting the most out of the software.

Does Playbook offer Lean and Agile project management training?

Yes we do. We offer face-to-face and online training for you and your team. Schedule a call to discuss which approach works best for you. Alternatively, sign up for free courses in Lean and Agile at Playbook Academy.

Where can I see a demonstration of Playbook?

You can watch the recorded demo here. Or you can email us to set up a live demo where we explore Playbook’s unique features together and answer your questions along the way.

What kind of reports are available with Playbook?

Playbook records everything that happens to every task. This means the reporting capabilities are much more advanced than what most users are accustomed to. Playbook can generate custom reports to meet your exact needs. Click here to access the demo video and learn more about Playbook’s advanced reporting capabilities.