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Paul DeLong

Customer Success Manager

Paul is the “the best part of training,” according to Playbook's clients. Paul hones his lean and agile skills mountain biking where no man has gone before!

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Paul DeLong- 12/16/22 03:15 PM


Online training courses are a great way for new users to get up to speed on Playbook Methods and software or for anyone just needing a refresher and, best of all, they are absolutely free!

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Report Templates

Download Playbook report templates.

Buffer Chart

Buffer Charts help project teams answer the question, “How likely is it that we'll complete our project on time?”

Buffer Charts plot the movement of a milestone relative to a buffer and indicate the current level of schedule risk to the project team every day!

To learn more about buffers and buffer charts, enroll in the Fundamentals of Buffers course on Playbook Academy.

Buffer-Chart.pngIn addition to the embedded buffer charts in Playbook which do not require any external files, they are also available in Power BI and Excel formats.

Power BI Template (Updated 18-Aug-2022)
Excel Template (Updated 10-Nov-2022)

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