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Paul is the “the best part of training,” according to Playbook's clients. Paul hones his lean and agile skills mountain biking where no man has gone before!

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Paul DeLong- 02/9/24 02:00 PM


Training courses are role-based. Click here for descriptions of the role-based courses.

Contact your Playbook Administrator to get enrolled in Playbook training. Not sure who your Playbook Administrator is, no worries, we can help!

Hands-on Exercises

Reference Materials


Report Templates

Buffer Charts

Buffer Charts help project teams answer the question, “How likely is it that we'll complete our project on time?”

Buffer Charts plot the movement of a milestone relative to a buffer and indicate the current level of schedule risk to the project team every day!

To learn more about buffers and buffer charts, ask a Playbook Administrator to enroll you in either the (Level 5) Playbook for Project Leaders or (Level 4 → 5) Advance to Project Leader course on Playbook Academy.


Portfolio Milestone Chart

The Portfolio Milestone Chart is a buffer chart of all milestones on all projects. In one view you can see the level of schedule risk of all milestones in the portfolio, which ones are on track, and which ones could use some help. 

Reports Overview - PMC- 1

The Portfolio Milestone Chart is currently only available in Power BI format and can be downloaded below. Power BI is free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Portfolio Milestone Chart Template (Updated 09 Feb 2024)

Buffer Chart Templates

In addition to the embedded buffer charts in Playbook which do not require any external files, templates are also available in Power BI and Excel and can be downloaded below. Power BI is free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Power BI Template (Updated 9 May 2023)
Excel Template (Updated 18 May 2023)

When opening the Excel template, the macros might be disabled by default.

Excel Template - Security Risk message - 1

If you see the message in the image above, close the Excel file, then right-click on the file and do the following.

Excel Template - File Properties - 2

Excel Template - Unblock - 3

Reopen the Excel file.

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