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Playbook Training & Reference Materials

Paul DeLong - 05/25/23 03:30 PM


Contact your Playbook Administrator to get enrolled in Playbook training.

Not sure who your Playbook Administrator is, no worries, we can...

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Overload Impact Report (OIR)

Paul DeLong - 07/26/21 06:57 PM


Project Leaders need to have confidence their project timelines can be achieved in the time frame they have allocated and they need to be...

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Portfolio Milestone Table (PMT)

Paul DeLong - 07/23/21 10:47 PM


The status of projects needs to be readily available and accurate so managers know which projects are legitimately at risk and need their...

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Dashboard - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Paul DeLong - 07/6/21 10:50 PM

Get a deeper understanding of Playbook's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and what they are used for. KPIs include: project and portfolio health,...

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Team Engagement Report (TER)

Paul DeLong - 06/23/21 08:12 PM


Ensuring the team, management and project managers update the project plan daily is critical to ensure the efficacy and accuracy of Playbook...

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Playbook Academy - Online Training

Paul DeLong - 08/17/20 11:15 AM

Register for Online Training

Online training courses are for new users that need to get up to speed on Playbook Methods and Software or for anyone...

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Playbook Lean and Agile Principles

Paul DeLong - 04/25/19 09:23 PM

Guides to Lean and Agile Principles 

These guides are for anyone wanting to understand Playbook Methods

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